A rocky mountain top with a lovely view of the ocean below is situated halfway between Apsarakonda Falls and Manki Beach. If you want to look around, Honnavar has numerous sunset viewing spots. Honnavar viewpoint is roughly 8 kilometers from Honnavar and 28 kilometers from Murudeshwar. When you arrive there, you may see a temple.

The “Apsara falls” are visible if We proceed a short distance beyond the temple through a thick forest. In Sanskrit, the word “Apsara” signifies an angel. The water is clear and not too deep, and it is surrounded by a thick forest. So, we may relax close to the falls. From there, if we ascend further, we come to the summit of a hill. The vista is captivating from where you are standing.

There is a tiny garden nearby. Don’t feel like leaving that location. Friends, please make it a point to visit ApsaraKonda and the vantage point if you travel to Gokarna or Murudeshwara. Take food and water with you and enjoy it.

Honnavara’s Manki Sunset Viewpoint is a less popular tourist destination. An uninhabited area of land with rocky topography known as Manki Sunset viewpoint provides a fantastic view of the Arabian Sea below. The road is rough for the final 1 km. If you don’t feel comfortable walking, park instead. The position on Google Maps indicates a nearby building site. You must stroll toward the water to reach the viewpoint.

There are many rocks in the area, none of which were slippery or pointy. Normal shoes may have been worn to cross. But put on comfortable shoes. From here to Apsarakonda Falls, there is a rocky road.
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