Unchalli Falls, often called Lushington Falls, is a waterfall formed by the River Aghanashini, dropping 116 meters (381 feet). The falls are close to the town of Siddapura in India’s Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka. The falls were discovered in 1845 by J. D. Lushington, a District Collector for the British Government.

Because of the loud noise they produce, the falls are frequently referred to as Keppa Joga. Unchalli Falls is a spectacular waterfall located near Heggarni in the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka, 36 kilometers from Sirsi and 54 km from Jog Falls. It is among the must-see locations in Jog Falls tour packages because it is one of the best waterfalls in Karnataka.

The falls are breathtaking. However, there is a 500-meter hike with 300 stairs from the starting point to the first viewpoint. The view is magnificent. The government constructed two overlooks to watch the falls for the convenience of the visitor, however, due to the surrounding deep forest, it is challenging to gain a complete picture of the falls.

Trekking to Unchalli Falls

The trek up to the falls begins at the small village of Hegganur, where parking is available for any private or tourist vehicles. Once you’ve left your cars and are ready to start your trek, find out the best routes to take at that time from localities. It is also highly recommended to take the help of a guide alongside any visitors who are not frequent trekkers since the trek is rugged and slightly dangerous. Mostly though, it’s suggested so that you don’t get lost in the dense forests.

Surrounded by hugely diverse Flora and Fauna, it is a very scenic route and is tough enough to give you a workout and an endorphin rush but easy enough for the elderly and children to be able to do. Once you reach the top platform, a set of natural rocky steps will allow you to walk to the bottom platform, giving you a much better view of the falls, from a closer perspective, as compared to the top. However, it is risky to walk down the stairs, so climb down with caution and restraint.

Tips For Visiting Burude Falls

  • Trekking is not advisable during the monsoons as the steps and the rocky trail gets slippery
  • Wear appropriate trekking gear and shoes with a good grip while exploring the falls.
  • Getting into the water is not advisable as the waterfall is quite rough.
  • Carry enough water, snacks, a glucose/calcium drink, and a first-aid kit for the trip.
  • Make sure to apply calcium or lime on your legs before beginning the trek, as the area is full of leeches.
  • Location: Heggarane is the nearest village on Sirsi-Siddapu road.
  • Best Time to visit: September to March
  • Nearest Railway Station: Thalaguppa, Shimoga district.
  • Nearest Airport: Hubli/Mangalore International Airport
  • By Road: Heggarane village on Sirsi-Siddapura road.
  • Activities: monsoon weekend getaway, picnic spots, local sightseeing, photography.
  • Food & Stay: one has to reach Sirsi & Siddapura town.