Majali town in Karnataka is home to Tilmati, often known as the Black Sand Beach. It is located just
adjacent to Polem Beach in South Goa. The word “Tilmati” means “sesame sand” or “sand that resembles sesame.” It is believed that the waves striking the nearby basaltic rocks caused this 200-meter stretch of black sand to appear.

This small beach has a dark tint due to the coarse black sand made from basaltic rock. It is also thought
that the fine black sand that River Kali carried to this location is dumped into the Arabian Sea. The nearby
beaches of Majali Beach and Polem Beach have typical white sand. Beautiful sunset views are also available from this quiet beach surrounded by hills. It is one of the rarest coastal forestlands in the state due to the abundance of flora and animals present close to the ocean.

Visitors can also arrange to spend the night by erecting a tent on the surrounding hill or rocks. The hike to the beach from Majali Village is one mile. A small brook must be crossed before continuing
up a short hill with the Arabian Sea on one side of it on the way to the beach. During the height of the
rainy season, access to the beach is challenging.

It is very easy getting to the beach, you need to walk for 15-20 minutes over the little hills because there
are only a few motorbike parking spaces available; bring some water with you because it’s a bit of a walk,
and don’t forget to bring your plastic waste back. Since the route is now clearly visible, you do not need a
guide or a local; simply follow the foot trail.

Activities: Kayaking, Rowing, Fishing, Bird watching