It is one of the asta (eight) mutts of Udupi. The thick forest, areca-coconut-banana plantations cool the travelers. The famous Trivikrama Temple 80 feet height flag post attracts the sight of the visitors. The temples like Vaadiraj mutt, Dhavalagange, Chandramouleshwara, etc. are eye-catching. Throughout the whole year, the devotees come here. The Trivikrama fair on the day of Holi is a mammoth celebration.


  • Airport – Hubli Airport 128 km form Vaadiraj Mutt
  • Railway Station – Haveri Railway Station is 112 kms Vaadiraj Mutt
  • Sea Port – Honnavar port is 110 kms away from Vaadiraj Mutt
  • Bus Stand – Sirsi 20 km from Vaadiraj Mutt