Located in the Uttara Kannada region in the Yellapur district, Sathodi Waterfall is a magnificent rectangularly shaped waterfall that attracts tourists from all over the country regularly. The picturesque beauty of the falls is a sight to behold, as water falls from a staggering height of 15 m and collects in a clear blue pool underneath. As you enter the jungle, you will see several trails leading to the waterfall, and you have to walk quite a bit before you can catch a glimpse of this place.

There is a picnic area in front of the waterfall from where you can get a partially obstructed view of the Sathodi waterfall. The trail ahead leading to the water stream of the falls is blocked by huge rocks and bushes, so it is quite impossible to get really close to it. The falls are fed by many rivers that empty into the Kallarmane Ghat in the northern Kannada region. The falls finally empty into the River Kali through the Kodasalli dam. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Western Ghats and evergreen forests, the milky white waters of the falls offer a soothing contrast to the emerald natural beauty all around it.

Additionally, the rock formations of the fall give way to a spectacular enclosure, making the entire landscape quite dreamy and dramatic. The water pool below the falls is perfectly safe for taking a cool dip, so don’t forget to carry your swimming clothes with you when you make a trip to the Sathodi waterfall.

  • Best Time to visit: September to March
  • Nearest Railway Station: Hubli
  • Nearest Airport: Hubli Airport
  • By Road: From yellapur
  • Activities: monsoon weekend getaway, picnic spots, photography.
  • Food & Stay: one has to reach Yellapur