The historical evidence tells that the Sode king Immadi Sadashiva Raya started building up the fort between 1718 A.D. to 1745 A.D. near the bay where the black Kali river meets Arabian sea. That is called ‘Sadashiva Kote’. Mounting up on the fort the beautiful séance of Kali river merging in to the sea is seen. The sunset makes the visitors exclaiming. In the vicinity there are famous Tagore beach, Tilmati beach, Devabhag beach and jungle lodge. August to March is time for visitors.


  • Airport – Goa Airport is 96 kms. from sadashivgad,karwar
  • Railway Station – Karwar Railway Station is 12 kms from sadashivgad
  • Sea Port – Karwar Port is 4 kms away from sadashivgad
  • Bus Stand – It is just 4 kms from sadashivgad