The Paradise beach is a stunning beach that can be reached by traveling south from Half Moon beach. Only boats or on foot are allowed to access the rocky beach. Therefore, it is also pollution-free. The beach is accessible during the high season. However, it is closed for swimming for half of the year due to the rocks. The Full-Moon Beach is another name for the beach. This beach once more lives up to its reputation if you enjoy seafood and wish to indulge in some of the regional fares. It is one of the state’s less well-known tranquil beaches. The beach is a paradise for anyone seeking serenity away from civilization.

As its name suggests, Gokarna’s Paradise Beach is a real Paradise! It is a relatively little beach where swimming is enjoyable, and it was previously deserted. It used to be that only travelers and hippies slept here and relaxed on the beach, but now it’s very popular! Yes, you could have tented on the beach for free with no one bothering you if you had visited Paradise Beach before 2019! You could literally sleep on the beach by tying your hammock to any of the trees! On the beach, there are also some simple food options, coconut vendors, etc. Kayaking is another activity you can do on Paradise Beach. It just recently got going.

Although swimming at Paradise Beach is enjoyable, don’t stay in the water for too long. An incredible experience is night camping at Paradise Beach! Try to set up your tent here or at the nearby campsite.
Paradise Beach Gokarna is one of the few places in India where you may see phytoplankton bioluminescence. Therefore, schedule your Gokarna trip for a new moon night and camp there. Another fantastic activity at Paradise Beach Gokarna is a night hike in the forest with the help of local guides!
Paradise Beach has lately started offering kayaking as well.