The most well-known beach in Gokarna is Om Beach. Its name derives from the coastline’s half- om form, which resembles the number three. Om Beach is a haven for water activities and has two nearby semi-circular shores. These semi-circles are also surrounded by enormous rocks, which add to their picturesqueness.

Om Beach is accessible via road, ocean, and trekking! The northern entrance to Om Beach is reached through a road. From Kudle Beach, you can immediately travel here. The ferries frequently travel to and from Om Beach. But from Kudle Beach in the north and Half Moon Beach in the south, hiking is the ideal method to get to Om Beach! The vistas are breathtaking, and the track is simple to follow. One of the vantage locations along the route will give you a complete glimpse of this Om-shaped Beach! Therefore, it is the finest method of getting to Om Beach.

There are other water sports available at Om Beach, like kayaking, jet-skiing, banana boat rides, etc. Café hopping Om Beach is a great place to stop for lunch while on your Gokarna Beach Trek because it has a few extremely popular cafés you can check out. Several of these cafes and shacks also serve drinks.
If you want to swim, you may also do so at Om Beach. From the beach or the rocks, enjoy a stunning sunset! People adore Om Beach’s breathtaking sunsets.