Locals often refer to Heaven Beach as Kirabele Beach; the Kannada word “kirabele” means “little beach.” It might be reachable by car. It is a magnificent place, as the name implies, and heaven-like in its beauty. Along this shore, few locals reside. From this beach, you can see the Aganashini River blending into the Arabian Sea in the most magnificent way. Due to its difficulty in getting to, it is less busy than other nearby beaches. Since the road is steep and dirty, We advise you to go slowly. It will get worse for two-wheelers during rainy seasons. The route is wide enough for four-wheelers as well.

Another isolated beach outside of Gokarna is Nirvana Beach. South of Gokarna, in the Baad region, it is close by. Direct ferry travel to Nirvana Beach is an option, as is the more time-consuming road travel. Although there are a few hotels beside the beach, there aren’t many people there. If you are not an experienced swimmer, you should avoid this beach and always ask locals where on the beach is safe to swim.

It is a deserted beach that is ideal for relaxing or strolling at night. Additional adjacent beaches are Mystery Cave Beach, Heaven Beach, and Baada Beach (kind of an extension). However, be sure to follow safety precautions and avoid taking undue risks in these remote areas. Break the ice by telling them about your plans and asking the residents there if it’s safe.

One of Gokarna’s top beaches, Nirvana Beach, has a surreal atmosphere that could only exist in a fairytale. It has a fairly lengthy shoreline and is one of Gokarna’s undeveloped, unknown beaches. On this beach, you won’t encounter a sizable crowd or a lot of tourists, so you can unwind and take pleasure in peace. You won’t find any stores selling food and water at the beach because it isn’t commercialized. Swimming is one of the activities available at this beach.