Known as ‘Tirupati of Karnataka’ the temple at Manjaguni is very ancient. The temple is wide and the Navaranga contains the carvings. Adjacent to the temple there is the temple of Padmavat. The artistic chariot is the main attraction. In front of the main entrance, there is a big tank where the earlier temple is situated. During the springtime, a fair is held to which thousands of devotees come with devotion. It might have been called Manjaguni as it is situated in the highest part of the upper ghat and covered with snow during winter.


  • Airport – Hubli Airport 126 km form Sirsi
  • Railway Station – Haveri Railway Station is 112 kms from Sirsi
  • Sea Port – Honnavar port is 65 kms away from Sirsi
  • Bus Stand – Marikamba temple is 20 km from Sirsi bus stop