Noted religious, cultural center Gokarna is a temple on the shore of the Arabian Sea. The deity Mahabaleshwara has been attracting devotees, researchers, and visitors since time immemorable. The devotee worshipers believe that the Atmalinga of Shiva was placed by his son Lord Ganapati to save the linga from the hands of Ravana. On the one side, there is the river Gangavali and on the other, there is the Aghanashini. The land in between, since it looks like the shape of the ear of a cow it is called ‘Gokarna’. On the premises, Mahaganapati, Tamra Gouri, Veerabhadrashwara temples can be visited. The big lake Kotiteertha has the temple of Saptakoteshwara. It is one of the holy places for Hindus.


  • Airport – Goa Airport is 157 kms. from Gokrana
  • Railway Station – Gokrana Railway Station is 12 kms from Gokana Temple
  • Sea Port – Sea Port Belikeri Port is 52 kms away from Gokarna
  • Bus Stand – It is just 1 kms from Gokarna bus stop