One of the best beaches in Gokarna for swimming is Kudle Beach, which is located south of the town’s main beach. Kudle Beach has some enjoyable and calm surf. However, the waves occasionally continue to heighten, so exercise caution. Due to its location sandwiched between two lush hilltops that form a swimming pool, Kudle Beach is a pleasant place to go swimming. Given its wide width, it is also enjoyable to simply laze around on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. The number of cafes and shacks on Kudle Beach’s backside is arguably the highest you’ll find on any beach.

Both ends of Kudle Beach have roads that go to it. There is plenty of parking space on both ends, at least for two-wheelers. One must descend further to the beach from these ends by way of steps. On the northern side, two roads travel to Kudle Beach, while on the southern side, a third route connects Kudle Beach and Om Beach. If you’re staying far from Paradise Beach or any other beach, you can take a ferry to get to Kudle Beach. The boats to and from Kudle Beach run quite seldom, though.

Towels, balls, and Frisbees can be purchased at the store on the southwest corner of the beach. If you can float, do so in the sea; if not, you can learn to do so right here. Reading a book while lying down or simply relaxing and sunbathing is the most common thing to do. On the beach, you may also build sand castles; there is plenty of room for it, and many tourists will be doing so.

Spend an evening at the Kudle Beach Flea Market! In the evening, tourists from other countries hawk various goods on the beach. They provide locally produced or handmade jewelry, international spices, and a variety of other intriguing items.