It was the capital of Jain kings from 1409 to 1610 A.C. Chennabhairadevi who was nicknamed as ‘Kaalumenasina Rani’ (pepper queen) ruled this soil. At that time it was a hub of art, literature, religion, and spirituality. It was called ‘Nagire Rajya’ now called Nagara bastikeri. The place is known for the ultimate sculptures at Chturmukha Basadi. Relics of Parshwanath Basadi, Vardhmana Basadi, Jwaalamalini temple are evident here.

The Chaturmukha Temple calls the visitors for its variety of sculptures in the form of entrance and side wings. To give solace to the visitors the river Sharavati flows beside nurturing green forest with different wild animals and birds. The place can be reached from Gerusoppa on the boat which would give an unforgettable experience to the travelers. There is another route from Sharavati Tailrace to the place. The route is difficult. To enjoy visitors are expected from August to March.


  • Airport – Goa Airport is 232 kms & Mangalore Airport 216 km
  • Railway Station – Honavar Railway Station is 40 kms from Gerusoppa
  • Sea Port – Honavar Port is 41 kms away from Gerusoppa
  • Bus Stand – It is just 9 kms from Honavar bus stop