The Honey beach is about 10 kilometers from the main Ankola bus stop. You can access this undiscovered treasure by taking a narrow route through a nearby settlement, followed for about 5 to 6 kilometers by a mud road. The Honey Beach Resort, which provides unrivaled luxury lodging, is located on the top of the neighboring rocky shore. The event will let you enjoy a private beach experience as you stroll down the coastline, protecting yourself from crabs that are nearly invisible due to the pristine mud.

Ankola provides you with a great beach hopping deal despite not having the best pubs. Other beautiful beaches you can visit at your convenience include Gangavali Beach, Bela Beach, Honnegudi Beach, Nadibagh Beach, Belekeri Beach, and Shedikuli Beach. The beaches in Uttara Kannada not only boast the purest waters but also have prestigious locations surrounded by hills. When you’re not in the mood to stroll along the beaches’ fine sand, you may take a trip through Ankola’s local markets, where you can pick up some accessories and sample some cuisines.

Gokarna, though, is about an hour away from Ankola by bus or cab if your lazy beach bum is hankering for some company on the beach, a little music at a café, or some water activities. Ensure that you are not looking out the window while on this trip since it offers a spectacular picture of the water running through the valleys as the sun descends, painting the sky with shades of orange and purple that resemble drawings we all used to make as kids.