The towns of Ankola and Karwar are separated from Donne by a lovely small waterfall. Ankola is 10 km away, and Karwar is 45 km away from Golari Falls. Near Ankola Talagadde is the stunning natural waterfall known as Donne Falls. India’s Uttara Kannada district is well worth a trip and a great place for a picnic.

Before September/October, it is recommended to see Donne waterfalls during or right after the monsoon season. Then, expect almost no water. Follow the trail to the falls. It is simple to get lost, but if you go on the weekend, there will be other visitors. You can easily follow them or get directions from them. The location of Donne Falls in Google Maps is correct; however, the road is not.

Use local assistance if you become lost or are unsure. There aren’t any signs, fees, or limits. Since you are alone, consider your own security. On the way, you might see cows grazing; do not bother them because they might attack if they feel threatened. Being surrounded by a lovely environment helps one forget daily stress and unwind. The water is not that deep. As a result, it is possible to enjoy and stroll in the water. Both the historical site Gokarna and Ankola have access to Donne Falls.

LOCATION: Gokarna is near National Highway 17, a coastal road that runs across the Western Ghats from Mangalore to Mumbai. The town is situated 450 kilometers from Bangalore, 56 kilometers from Karwar, 252 kilometers from Mangalore, and 145 kilometers from Hubli. The closest airport is located 155 kilometers away in Panaji, Goa. Ankola and Gokarna, two nearby cities, are reachable by rail and road.