Devbagh, a small island off the coast of Karwar, is home to hundreds of damselfish, sergeant majors,
butterflyfish, and other marine life that live on the area’s beautiful coral reefs. A fantastic undersea world
appears as the wind subsides and the sand settles. Open-water dives are secure and ideal for novices.
Additionally, Devbagh is an island where you may dwell by the sea along a 7-kilometer stretch of golden
beach in addition to introducing you to the underwater world. Take diving and snorkeling classes from
the adventure company Barracuda Diving.

Devbagh is a stop for the typical beach enthusiast. With sun, sand, surf, sea, and endless open space,
Devbagh is the closest thing to having a beach all to oneself. Devbagh invites you into a serene and enlightening world where you may coexist with nature. Making sandcastles, looking for seashells along the shore, playing countless beach volleyball games, snorkeling, and resting by the sea are all things to do here. Parasailing, banana boat rides, speed boat tours and snorkeling round out the remaining activities.

Going out to sea on a catamaran is the only activity that can compare to seeing one come in. You can try
your hand at fishing by taking a two-man dugout and a fisherman for companionship if you don’t want just to observe the fishermen throwing off their nets. It is difficult to miss the trawlers at the fishing harbor, which are large and loaded with their catch. You can see playful dolphins if you take a cruise up the River Kali, from where it empties into the ocean. There are many birds to see in the neighboring mangrove thickets. Highly advised is the seafood.


  • Banana boat ride
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Dolphin watching