Doodsagar Falls

Around the series of Western Ghats, the border separating Uttara Kannada district from Goa state iswhere Doodsagar Falls seems to gush down from the sky to the earth. The onlooker feels as ifthe milk is cascading down from the sky. So that it is called Doodsagar Falls. There is no vehicular facility to reach the […]

Sathodi Falls, Yellapur

Located in the Uttara Kannada region in the Yellapur district, Sathodi Waterfall is a magnificent rectangularly shaped waterfall that attracts tourists from all over the country regularly. The picturesque beauty of the falls is a sight to behold, as water falls from a staggering height of 15 m and collects in a clear blue pool […]

Mattighatta Falls

Mattighatta is a small waterfall near Sirsi in Uttar Kannada District. It is also called as “hase halla”. Trekking to the black rock formations through the hilly forest of Sahyadri can be a good experience. The way is damp and slippery during the rains, and trekking can be a breeze during winter. There are varieties […]

Jog Falls

Jog falls has drawn visitors from all over the world because of its uniqueness. The world-famous Jog falls has four torrents of falling from an enormous height of 960 feet named Raja, Rani, Rorar, and Rocket. The river Sharavati originated at Ambuteertha in Shimoga district and flows a long distance to fall down at Jog […]

Apsarakonda Falls

The Apsarakonda waterfalls and tourism center is a world-famous tourist destination located in southern India. The falls are situated on the Apsarakonda River, which is a tributary of the Krishna River. Apsarakonda Falls is the ideal place to escape the monotony of everyday life. The waterfall is located in the small village of Apsarakonda in […]

Bangara Kusuma Falls

Bangara Kusuma falls is one of India’s most beautiful and popular falls. The falls is located in Gerusoppa of Uttara Kannada, Karnataka. It is a tiered fall and is about 100 feet in height. It is one of the top destinations in Karnataka. Bangara Kusuma falls is a beautiful fall located in southern India. It […]

Hosgod Falls

The swift-flowing stream plunging down the slope of the hill in multiple steps will leave you enchanted. One of those hidden gems of western ghats that has remained unexplored. The trail to the falls is very beautiful along the stream as if going through a magical land. With a population of 293, the village of […]

Golari Falls

The Golari Falls is a stunning waterfall in Todur, Karnataka. It is situated approximately 22 kilometers from Karwar’s city center. One of the top tourist destinations in the Karwar area is Goalri Falls. One of the top tourist destinations in the Karwar area is Goalri Falls. Since the falls are situated in the center of […]

Donne Falls

The towns of Ankola and Karwar are separated from Donne by a lovely small waterfall. Ankola is 10 km away, and Karwar is 45 km away from Golari Falls. Near Ankola Talagadde is the stunning natural waterfall known as Donne Falls. India’s Uttara Kannada district is well worth a trip and a great place for […]

Vibhuti Falls

One of the most stunning waterfalls to have ever seen is Vibhuti Falls, which is located in the middle of a lush forest. There are no adequate words to describe the beauty of Vibhuti Falls. We believe it is a perennial waterfall, and after parking, you must walk or hike for one kilometer. The waterfall […]