Manjuguni Temple

Known as ‘Tirupati of Karnataka’ the temple at Manjaguni is very ancient. The temple is wide and the Navaranga contains the carvings. Adjacent to the temple there is the temple of Padmavat. The artistic chariot is the main attraction. In front of the main entrance, there is a big tank where the earlier temple is […]

Marikamba Temple

The temple was constructed in 1688A.C. The Temple has the name that it is one of the powerful peethas. The beautiful carvings, the peak, and the ancient Kaavi art draw the devotees here. The very sight of Marikamba with a crown studded with diamonds gives solace to the visitors. It is a temple that nourishes […]

Jaina Basadi

It was the capital of Jain kings from 1409 to 1610 A.C. Chennabhairadevi who was nicknamed as ‘Kaalumenasina Rani’ (pepper queen) ruled this soil. At that time it was a hub of art, literature, religion, and spirituality. It was called ‘Nagire Rajya’ now called Nagara bastikeri. The place is known for the ultimate sculptures at […]

Mahamaya Temple

Shri Lakshminarayana Mahamaya Temple was built in 16th C. it is one of the important temples at Ankola city. The temple is beside NH-17 (national highway). The temple holds the deities of Shri Mahamayi, Shri Laxmi Narayana along with the idols of Eshwara, Parvati and Ganapati. During Mahanavami and Vijaya Dashami special and celebrations are […]

Shejjeshwar Temple

Shri Shejjeswar Temple otherwise known as Siddheshwar Temple, is situated at a distance of 4 km from Karwar Town. According to local belief, this pilgrimage site is counted among the five temples that belong to the Gokarna mythology. Another popular folklore says that the parts of Atmalinga that was taken away by the demon king […]