Baada Beach

One of the cleanest beaches in the area, with equally alluring surroundings. Baada Beach is a must-see while on the trip from Kirki to Gokarna since it is surrounded by hills on two sides and a rock structure in the middle. Baada Beach is a location you should surely see when you are here for […]

Mangodlu Beach

A wonderful area with a beach that is completely unpolluted is Mangodlu beach, which is around 20 kilometers from Gokarna. There aren’t many visitors to this location, but if you do go, you’ll enjoy it for the quiet and beautiful beach. There are several hills in this area, and there are some places where the […]

Nirvana Beach

Locals often refer to Heaven Beach as Kirabele Beach; the Kannada word “kirabele” means “little beach.” It might be reachable by car. It is a magnificent place, as the name implies, and heaven-like in its beauty. Along this shore, few locals reside. From this beach, you can see the Aganashini River blending into the Arabian […]

Tadadi Beach

This port is located in the Uttara Kannada District and is often referred to as the Land of Palm Trees. Because of its proximity to Gokarna, you can explore both locations simultaneously. The primary industries in this region are farming and fishing, and it has produced many outstanding men who have made significant contributions to […]

Belekan Beach, Gokarna

A little rocky beach outside of Gokarna, Belekan Beach, is relatively close to Paradise Beach. This is the last location where a car can be brought if you want to begin the Gokarna Beach Trek from the Paradise Beachside. A few Shacks in this area also provide palatable dining and lodging alternatives. With very little […]

Half-Moon Beach, Gokarna

This love of the solitary seeker is located about 20 minutes from Om Beach. Half Moon Beach gets its name from the fact that it is shaped like a half-moon. It is away from the town’s activities and undeveloped in terms of commerce. The beach is a spot in paradise where you can gaze out […]

Paradise Beach, Gokarna

The Paradise beach is a stunning beach that can be reached by traveling south from Half Moon beach. Only boats or on foot are allowed to access the rocky beach. Therefore, it is also pollution-free. The beach is accessible during the high season. However, it is closed for swimming for half of the year due […]

Kudle Beach, Gokarna

One of the best beaches in Gokarna for swimming is Kudle Beach, which is located south of the town’s main beach. Kudle Beach has some enjoyable and calm surf. However, the waves occasionally continue to heighten, so exercise caution. Due to its location sandwiched between two lush hilltops that form a swimming pool, Kudle Beach […]

Gokarna Beach

The little town of Gokarna is located in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka and is part of the Konkan Coastline of India. The region is well recognized for its expansive, lovely, and spotless beaches, exquisite sunsets, and far-off horizons with colors dancing in the sky painting it with wonderful hues. A beauty that has […]

Honey Beach, Ankola

The Honey beach is about 10 kilometers from the main Ankola bus stop. You can access this undiscovered treasure by taking a narrow route through a nearby settlement, followed for about 5 to 6 kilometers by a mud road. The Honey Beach Resort, which provides unrivaled luxury lodging, is located on the top of the […]