Burude Falls, which plunge over a height of 90 feet, is tucked away in the lush vegetation along the Siddapur-Kumta route in the Sirsi district of Karnataka. Burude is Kannada meaning for “skull” (local language of Karnataka). On the Siddapur-Kumta road, this waterfall is roughly 20+ kilometers from Siddapur and 55 kilometers from Sirsi.

The Burude falls, an unusual location ideal for your next vacation trip, are encapsulated by India’s western ghats. The fall is close to the Kyadgi region, 55 KMS from Sirsi and around 21 Kilometers from Siddapur, and is encircled by lush flora and wildlife. Hundreds of visitors come from all over the country during the winter to see this 90-foot-long stone waterfall, which erupts into a stunning visual splendor.

Numerous activities surround this mesmerizing waterfall, including hiking in and around the fall, which takes more than a few hours to explore. In addition, there are tents set up close to the fall, making it the ideal location for picnics. In addition to tents, the community has hotels and homestays with good service and amenities.

Discovering this gorgeous fall is an adventure. To reach the fall, travelers must hike up to 5 km over the streams of the Unchalli waterfalls. Visitors can explore and learn about the Honnemaradu, Unchalli, and other scenic locations that are close to the fall. The Burude Falls, while a little out of control, is a great location to spend some special time with friends and family.

Trekking To Burude Falls

To reach the point where the trekking begins, visitors need to drive through Kyadgi Village on Kumta-Siddapur road, which is about 20 kilometers from Siddapur. From the village, they need to follow the signboards to reach Burude falls. As one proceeds, they will reach a track (jeep track) wide enough
for small vehicles to drive through. Some farms and houses line this track. The point where the trail ends is where the trek begins. At this point, one will find a pagoda-type shelter built by the tourism department and about 100 concrete steps that lead you down to Burude Falls. Tourists may rest here
for a while and cherish the sounds of birds chirping and the river water trickling downstream. From here, tourists have to descend the steep concrete steps to reach different waterfall levels. At the point
where the first level of the waterfall begins, the trail becomes steeper and rocky, making it a perfect adventure trek for adventure buffs.

Tips For Visiting Burude Falls

  • Trekking is not advisable during the monsoons as the steps and the rocky trail gets slippery
  • Wear appropriate trekking gear and shoes with a good grip while exploring the falls.
  • Getting into the water is not advisable as the waterfall is quite rough.
  • Carry enough water, snacks, a glucose/calcium drink, and a first-aid kit for the trip.
  • Make sure to apply some calcium or lime on your legs before beginning the trek, as the area is full of leeches.
  • Location: Kyadgi Village, about 20 kilometers from Siddapur.
  • Best Time to visit: September to March
  • Nearest Railway Station: Thalaguppa, Shimoga district.
  • Nearest Airport: Hubli/Mangalore International Airport
  • By Road: On the way to Kumta from Siddapur after Kyadagi (1+kms) you will get down at Ilimane cross and take a walk for 5+kms to reach the waterfall.
  • Activities: monsoon weekend getaway, picnic spots, trekking, photography.
  • Food & Stay: one has to reach Sirsi & Siddapura town.