A little rocky beach outside of Gokarna, Belekan Beach, is relatively close to Paradise Beach. This is the last location where a car can be brought if you want to begin the Gokarna Beach Trek from the Paradise Beachside. A few Shacks in this area also provide palatable dining and lodging alternatives. With very little sand, it is largely rocky. Belekan Beach is accessible by car, on foot, or by ferry.

On Google Maps, the route and pathways are accurately marked. If you’re traveling by car, you must take the Belekan Road out of Gokarna (near Tadari). Belekan Beach is served by ferries as well.While there is nothing in particular, to do at Belekan Beach, this is where your Gokarna Beach Trek begins. You can go on and visit God’s Own Beach, another narrow beachfront area close to Belekan Beach.

Belekan Beach is a serene location where you may unwind at the water’s edge or take a boat trip and take in the scenery. There is a cliff diving location on this beach where you can jump into the water from a height of 14 feet, regardless of whether or not it is safe. So we literally dive into the salty water after leaping out of the sky! You’ll know you’re prepared for the voyage when you start to taste like a salty fish.

You must hike through the forests for around 1.5 kilometers to get to the next beach. It’s a pleasure to walk along this trail, and it’s also extremely simple. You may enjoy the tranquility of the jungle while walking via this trail, which is surrounded by foliage.