Bangara Kusuma falls is one of India’s most beautiful and popular falls. The falls is located in Gerusoppa of Uttara Kannada, Karnataka. It is a tiered fall and is about 100 feet in height. It is one of the top destinations in Karnataka.

Bangara Kusuma falls is a beautiful fall located in southern India. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region and is known for its scenic beauty. The falls is situated in a dense forest and is surrounded by lush green vegetation. It is a popular spot for picnics and trekking.

The distance to Bangara Kusuma Falls, which is roughly 41 kilometers away, is on National Highway 206 through Honnavar Taluk. At Gair Goppa, this waterfall offers a breathtaking vista as it flows across hilltops. In the monsoon season, you can visit this location to see the golden waterfall. Nearby to this waterfall, at a distance of around 9 km, lies the Bangaramakki Veeranjaneya Temple.

A few years ago, the waterfall still lacked a name. To reach this waterfall, there are no reliable roads. One draw to this location is the 32 km stretch of Jog Falls. In the Gerusoppa Valley, the recently constructed Gerusoppa Dam has produced a distinctive reservoir. About 10 kilometers from Gerusoppa, in the direction of the Forest Department’s observation tower, you can see the valley.

There are multiple other tourist spots nearby, which you can visit if you wish. The spots include Jain Basadi, Samshi Hanging Bridge, Sharavathi viewpoint, and the beautiful Jog falls. A Sharavathi adventure camp is nearby if you want to follow a certain plan properly. The Sharavathi adventure camp is just 6kms away from the Jog falls.